Monday, October 13, 2008

Take Me To the Fair, Part Two

My kids are fearless. They rode everything they were tall enough to ride. Katie even went with Kevin and me on the double log ride and a mid-sized roller coaster! Here she is enjoying what I would call the "Whiplash Cars."

Owen's favorite, by far, was one of those rides with the rope bridges, obstacles, and the big slide at the end. He went on it almost TWENTY times. Mom and I just sat on the bench and rested while he played and Kevin took Katie on some bigger rides. Here is my boy, and this is his Fierce Sliding Face:

And what's a good fair without some totally unhealthy fair food? Corn on the cob, dripping with butter, and a big ol' slice of pepperoni pizza:

When it was time to go, I got an extra-special surprise....

In the days of my own childhood, we only went to the fair a handful of times. But we always went with our friends Mr. Harold, "Miss" Dianne, and their boys. I have such fond memories of riding all the rides and can still hear echoes of the adults' conversation. All day long I had a flood of memories wash over me. As we sat on the bench waiting on Kevin to bring a funnel cake - our last hurrah - who should I spot but Mr. Harold? He probably thought I was crazy to chase him down, but I just had to say hello. It was such a fitting end to the night, and to the Midtown Edition of the Mid-South Fair!

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