Monday, October 13, 2008

Take Me To the Fair, Part One

We ended up taking two trips to the Mid-South Fair this year. This was the last year for the fair to be held in Midtown Memphis. For me, this meant bidding farewell to old childhood memories, as well as making a few new ones for my own children.

Our first visit was a gig, in a very loose sense of the term. Susan, one of our church pianists/keyboardists, hooked our praise team up to play in the Creative Arts Building. Kevin and I were amused when Cindy, our fair contact, refered to Sue as our "Promoter." Very funny.

We left in two mini-vans because bands have to haul stuff. Pretty appropriate for our gang, though - that's how we roll. After a wrong turn and plenty of lighthearted banter, we made it to the parking lot and waited on Cindy to show up on her golf cart.

You may never see Todd driving one of these babies again, so enjoy. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Roger thought he was cute to sit on our luggage rack with his legs hanging over the back, so Kevin turned on the rear washer/wipers. This is Roger venting his wrath.

The gig itself went well after a bit of trial-and-error with the sound system. Most of our fans were in attendance - Mom, Trish, Katie, Elisabeth, Roger's parents, Allison and her dad. All in all, a great time.

A week or so later, Kevin and I returned with the kids. Mom came along, too, although we couldn't persuade her to ride anything. At least she got her caramel apple, and even tried funnel cake...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! (I can't believe that.)

Kevin and Owen on "The Bee Ride"

Katie and Mama Stuck in the Maze

This is just one funny thing to watch. Kids just run smack into the glass constantly. I can't say much for myself, though; I came out right behind the guy who sits at the front and makes sure you are tall enough, instead of upstairs!

Hi, Grandma! (Don't be mad that I put you on here!)

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Such fun times...LOve the pics