Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Veritable Hotbed of Viral Disease

Earlier this week, my friend B.J. at Blind Man's Fancy posted some thoughts regarding Communion. I read it eagerly with the anticipation of partaking in the Lord's supper today. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to church. There has been a major stomach virus traveling around this community and my family was not immmune.

Apparently, Unity's fellowship meal last Sunday evening was one that will go down in church history. I have only spoken to some our church family this week, but the percentage of sick Unity-ites (started to type Unitarians...THAT would get some rumors flying!) is staggering. Let's see. Paul, Alex, Hunter, Heath, Daniel, Dalton, Joe, Trish, Krystal, both of Kevin's parents, Kevin, myself, Katie, Audrey, and some of Dax and Christi's family who were in town for a visit. Todd tops the list by having to go in and get IVs, although some of that might have been from the test tubes of protein he's been living on. Could it have been a germy football? Contaminated Legos in the boys' class? Whatever it was, we will just call it the PotUNLuck. (Yeah, yeah, I know; we don't believe in luck. But Pot Providence just doesn't have the same ring to it.)

As for my own family, Kevin woke up sick in the middle of the night on Monday. He missed Tuesday and half of Wednesday at Guardsmark. Audrey was sick on Wednesday and was recovering on Thursday. I got sick on Friday morning and recovered on Saturday. Katie woke up with it this morning and has thrown up six - scratch that....SEVEN - times in about three hours. (I feel especially badly for her because she had fever and croup last week.) Owen has been spared so far but I predict he will get it Tuesday, just when Katie wraps up. He did wake up with his first cold sore this morning but I'm not sure if that means anything. Kevin went on to church this morning but we decided to keep all the kiddos home today, just in case.

So blogging has gone by the wayside, replaced by spraying Lysol, squirting Germ-X, emptying trashes, cleaning toilets, washing bedding and other contaminated laundry, changing lots of diapers...and of course, dealing with my own battle for two days.

Reflecting on a quote from B.J.s article:

(Might serving one loaf and from one cup help us better celebrate Christ?)

Unity had better stick with shot glasses this week!


Chris said...

we've had it over here as well... yuck!

Kara said...

For the first time ever, I am so glad I couldn't attend the fellowhip meal last week! I had it a couple weeks ago, and since then I have been ODing on Echinecea and vitamin C and lathering myself from head to toe in hand sanitizer every five minutes. (Everybody at my office has had terrible colds lately, too.) At least it's almost over, and maybe Owen won't even get it! Oh, and I almost had to do "I Heard the Voice of Jesus" two weeks early to day; Todd was late. I get scared enough singing where people can hear me, much less being put on the spot!

Luke said...

Get well soon!

"Unitarians" and "Pot Providence" ... [laughing]


Jenny said...

Kara, does this mean you are doing offertory on October 26th? You gotta tell a woman these things.

Thanks, Luke! We don't even buy Lucky Charms at our house. Because of the luck thing, ya know. And also the charm thing. Good thing the Kroger brand is Marshmallow Treasures. (Bwahahahaa!!!!!)

Kara said...

Hey, I told you it would be about a month. I'm a woman of my word. Bwahaha!

roger said...

What? Kara knocked it out da park!

Setup: I arrived at church, got the coffee bar ready (joke!), looked at the clock and saw Kev walk in by himself a smidge later than usual. (If alls well he's usually proceeded by "Super Owen" or "Katie Lady") Kev swings by and says the fam's got the creep'n crud with Katie being the latest casualty so Jenny won't be here. He proceeds to teach his Sunday school class (Patience in teaching; one of his overflowing gifts).

Enter Kara: (Paraphrasing)"Roger you got that song worked out yet?"

"I got it, you just be sure you bring it."

"I got it."

"Come on with your bad-self."

We glued it the first time, stitched it the second, I told her "Great! We'll do it today if Todd doesn't show." And her eyes got so big! Like, deer in the Mac-truck headlights. She either thought quietly "roger is crazy for being confident" or
"man, I hope Todd shows up." But Kara, you did wonderful. Wish I would be there on the 26th. I'm taking lis to Branson Misery to get away and to shop for BABY STUFF! JOY MY SOUL!

Jenny said...

ROGER!!!! I was wondering where you have been with your witty commentary.

So basically, Kara is NOT singing on the 26th. OR, Kara is singing a capella on the 26th.

Um, you guys DO know that I plan the music schedule two months in advance, right? Get it together, people! LOL!

"Ro-ger's buy-in' ba-by stuff! Ro-ger's buy-in' ba-by stuff!"

Kara said...

I will be happy to postpone for the good of Scrapper's wardrobe and digs. Small sacrifice to make. :)

Jenny, I'll actually sing any time, now that I know we've both got it. I didn't really have the 26th picked out, I just used it as a general point of reference as to when I was PREPARED to sing. :)

You haven't blogged in a couple days; hope you're just busy and it's not still barfy in the Hinton home!