Friday, October 17, 2008

Frugal Friday

Welcome to the first edition of Frugal Friday. Each week I will share a tip that I have found to be useful in my own life.

Here is one of my all-time favorites to kick us off!

I love my Swiffer Wet Jet but hate paying the price for refills. The Swiffer folk get you twice, as you have to continually purchase bottles of cleaning spray AND disposable pads. My solution? For the pads you can use old washcloths, or even purchase a pack of new ones because you'll be saving in the long run. Attach them with two rubber bands, then toss them in the washing machine (sans fabric softener to increase absorbency) when you are done. I actually prefer the washcloths to the pads.

As for the bottle of spray, this was a bit tricky to figure out. The top cannot be unscrewed without tearing up the bottle. So I tried poking a hole in the bottom of the container. The plastic is a bit thick, so it took a bit of effort...but it was well worth it! I started the hole with a box cutter and then shoved my knife sharpener in to make it round, just a bit bigger around than a pencil. Now I can just pour the cleaner of my choice into the small hole. Originally I tried to figure out a way to stop up the hole, but because I only refilled the bottle halfway I had no problem with water coming back out.

Another plus is that I can refill my bottle with my choice of cleaner, so for those who like to be "green" this can be a great option. Just beware of using water and baking soda or anything that might clog up the works.

One last thing. If you mop your kitchen and fifteen minutes your floor looks like this...sorry, I can't help ya. I've been there and about all you can do is pray for some self-control and thank God you are on the fast track to santification.


Luke said...

"...pray for some self-control and thank God you are on the fast track to sanctification."

[smile] Sometimes I find myself getting off that track, but He graciously keeps calling me back.

Thanks for the tip. I hate buying disposable things. It irks me.


Anonymous said...

What do you use for your cleaning solution? I realize the possibilties are endless, but sometimes I don't feel like experimenting, ya know?

Jenny said...

Although I've been using the washcloths for months now, I only recently ran out of Swiffer cleaning solution. So for my trial run I just put some water in the bottle about 1/3 full and shook it up. There was still a bit of solution in the bottle so it's basically a weak solution of the same thing.

My PLAN is to buy some Mr. Clean or Pine Sol and dilute it. Those are very often found on sale, unlike the Swiffer products. I'd use vinegar but I'm not too crazy about the smell.

If anyone tries something else or has more ideas, feel free to post them here!

Jeff said...

Wish I could be frugal; I just suck it up and buy the new bottle and cloths. Although we may try something else because the Swiffers don't work that great on our tile kitchen floor.

amy said...

i will be friday follower!

roger said...

Luke, at least he calls you back and its not smack down and drag back!

Nonetheless, I try to be green; actually, its more like animal friendly. And while I dont have any kiddos (out of da womb yet any way) to make big messes, its neat to hear about your solutions to the problems they foster. I consider it training of sorts.

Jenny said...

Jeff, the Swiffer might work better IF you use a washcloth! Those Swiffer pads are not very absorbant and just push the water (or orange soda, in my case) around.

Hi, Amy my friend!!! I have enjoyed reading about Autumn!

Roger, NOTHING can prepare you. Just hope that if you have a boy, he is really cute so you won't get too mad at him.

Kara said...

Roger and Elisabeth having a cute kid?!?! Nah. It'll never happen. :)

(You know Scrapper's gonna be adorable!)