Monday, September 29, 2008

Kevin as My Example

About a month ago I was feeling discontent. For those not in the know, caring for small children and homeschooling is monotonous:

Wake up
Make bed
Fix Kevin breakfast
Get dressed
"Quiet" time (not usually quiet!)
Herd the children (get them dressed, hair, beds, etc.)
Breakfast and children's Bible time
Daily chores (dishes, trash, laundry, thaw dinner)
Finish school
Weekly chores (bulletin, groceries, bills, etc.)
Clean kitchen
Hang out with Kevin

I can type this from memory because it's what I do. Every day. Even on the weekends, I have to do the majority of these things to manage my household. The main variations of this include cleaning up the four drink spills that Owen creates at every meal, and Shouting out those unpleasant stains that come from Audrey eating too many grapes. So sometimes I get discouraged.

When I get discouraged, I look to Christ. Pray. Read God's word. But this time I also needed something tangible, so I prayed for just that! And God answered me by directing my attention to Kevin.

My husband is a faithful, dependable person. He goes to his workplace every day. He isn't exactly figuring statistics for the NFL (his dream job), but he never complains. He leaves, he does tuition reimbursements and service awards, he comes home, and he declares that it was a good day. What a godly example for me to follow!

This month (notice this is a monthly problem? HAHAH!!!!!), I need an example in "Keeping My Mouth Shut So Nothing Sinful Will Fly Out Of It Before I Have A Chance To Choke It Back Down." Some of you know what I am talking about. If this is you, I suggest you talk to Kevin. He excells in this area as well. Of course, he CLAIMS that he isn't thinking of anything at all, so there isn't anything to fly out...but I know better. ;)

Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ. ~ I Corinthians 11:1


roger said...

Knowing Kevin I have to express I dont think I have ever heard him (or known him to) loose his temper. I wish I could say the same for me. I have copied some choice phrases from my parents and actively serve as a poster child for temperment being nurtured rather than intrinsic nature.

Jenny said...

I think I've seen Kevin angry twice. Both were situations in which anger was appropriate. And both were situations in which I was thankful that the anger wasn't directed at ME. LOL!