Monday, September 29, 2008

Carving Tree

My parents own fourteen acres of wooded land. Most people would consider it worthless land because it is a series of gulleys and steep hills. The house I grew up in is on top of the biggest hill, with a creek running as a property line around the back and side of the lowest point.

These woods were my home. When we would finish our school for the day, Mama would let us go play to our hearts' content. I could often be found up a tree with a book! The only warning was for us to watch out for snakes. Mama HATES snakes.

Any visitors to our woods always stopped at the Carving Tree so that they could add their name to the impressive mass of jumbled carvings. This tree was on the side of a small bluff overlooking the creek. In the "olden days," one could (on a dare) walk around the tree, hanging precariously to the roots that were exposed on the bluff side. These days that would be more than foolish, as erosion has taken its toll.

My friend Elisabeth is to be thanked for this photo full of memories. She is also the artist behind the family photo slideshow at the top of my blog.

And what were our husbands doing during our excursion? Apparently, practicing for the praise band!


Anonymous said...

I just felt a pang of homesickness! I'd forgotten all about that ole tree. I'm glad you posted a pic of it!

Aunt dianne said...

Jenny, thanks for posting a pic of the carving tree, it sure brought back memories. Also, the vision of John looking like the "Incredible Hulk" from this snake bite!!