Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Katie's Art

Two things of note have happened in the Hinton home recently. The first is my husband's purchase of Adobe Photoshop for yours truly. This was a thoughtful gift as I'm the "webservant" for the church, and he also knows I like to blog.

The second exciting news is that Katie has "graduated" from sketching to oil pastels in art class. She loved art class before. But give the girl some color and she is beyond happy!

So, tying these two together, here are some of Katie's recent masterpieces. This fall picture was the last of her sketch projects. I do not know how much help she had with it.

This beautiful sunset was her first pastel piece. The teacher said she had to outline some of it for Katie, but that Katie had done the fill-in and detail work:

And finally, her picture from today. Her teacher told me that Katie drew this herself. Great job, sweet girl!

Edited to add:

Katie also won first place at the Mid-South Home Educators Art Show, which in turn sent her work to the Mid-South Fair. Although she is aware of the fact that she was the only Kindergartener who participated - a win by default - she was still very excited to see her house and barn sketch up on the wall at the fair!


kel said...

Wow, her art is really good!

roger said...

She has the look of a child prodigy. The art is wonderful.