Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Illegal Activity sure your sin will find you out.

Numbers 32:23

Let's play a game. Guess what the white things are in the following pictures:

Did you figure it out? It's FORKS, people. Plastic forks.

Apparently it is a great prank to "fork," and in my case, also "spoon," someone's yard. (My criminals happened to be creative and didn't limit their scope to one category of cutlery.) Now, the perpetrators couldn't do much damage to the beautiful landscaping of Casa Hinton, so I wasn't mad. I was a tad bit concerned about the results of Mr. Eddie's mega lawn mower running down some of the overlooked clear forks. Which DID happen.

I had suspects. At the top of my list was Melissa and Abby, my deliquent sisters. They were followed closely by the lovely Kara Bright, although I have heard she has a penchant for pink flamingo-ing instead of forking. (Classic!)

In the end, I was able to drag it out of Melissa. She's easy to break. The "alleged" criminals were my top two suspects; they are also guilty of contributing to the deliquency of two minors (Ivan and Jesse). And Abby's boyfriend came along for the ride as well.

But it's all good. At least that crew isn't doing anything SERIOUS. Like, say, allegedly breaking into the email account of a high-profile politician. ;-)


Jeff said...

Be thankful. In my high school days, not only would you get TP'd and Forked, folks would break the forks in half to put in the yard, making it that much more difficult to pick them up or find them, which was always "fun" when it came time to mow the yard.

Jenny said...

Hi, Jeff! Nice to see you. I've been praying for your recovery. :-)

Luke said...

We once came home to find out house TP'd and "spooned"... of course, we knew exactly who had done it: The kids who normally come over to our house on Friday but were told by us that we would be gone that particular day.

Really sneaky.

I didn't even have to prompt a confession, I just had to look at one of the girls and she got that slowly spreading "I'm so guilty" grins.

We laughed when we got home. We felt so loved.


Kara said...

I am shocked and appalled that I was a suspect. I am far too cultured and dignified for such shenanigans.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an episode of Family Guy to get back to.


Anonymous said... we did what? it's not like we had to park the truck like a quarter a mile away, make the walk wilst the friggin five'o stopped for a nice little chat about not having minors out after 11:00pm and then the task of keeping everyone from giggling while the deed was being done, run back and drive home at 1:00am...oh, yeah! we are so pro at this it's amazing! love ya sis!

Kara said...

It looks like a bug cemetery.

Jeff said...

Thank you, Jenny. Recovery has been going splendidly with such wide support!