Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Boy!

For Owen's third birthday he chose a trip to the zoo. Even a big three-year-old boy can still fall asleep in the van, but it didn't take him long to wake up when we got there!

We had lots of fun seeing all the animals and riding the train. One special treat was the pandas. Every other time we have been to the zoo, they have been asleep. But for Owen's birthday, they got up and paced around, even coming up to the glass to say hello!

Of course, Memphis is super hot in early July, and we were baking on all that pavement. So the zoo workers let all of the children swim in the pool at the entrance. Obviously, Owen loved this! Here he is with a mouthful of nasty zoo water - ICK!!!! I hate to think of what was in it!

The day ended with a party at Grandma and Grandpa's house....and of course, a Spiderman cake. The boy had never seen Spiderman before so I have no idea why he asked for this, but he certainly was happy to see that cake! I'll never forget his breathless, "Oh, THANK YOU!" when he walked into the room.

Owen, you are my favorite boy. I love you so much!

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roger said...

Da panda, Da Panda! That is a way cool pict.