Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What a Crazy Day!

I woke up at 5:45, threw on clothes, and went to Wal-Mart. Shopped for groceries for the next two weeks. Came home, unloaded them quickly, showered, put away the refrigerated items. Got Katie up and dressed and at the breakfast table. Got Owen up and dressed and at the "milk bar."

The goal was to be at the YMCA at 9:00 for Pilates with Mary Langford. I got there right at 9:00 and Mary was just behind me. As we walked across the grass to the sidewalk, I used my right hand to push my purse and diaper bag straps back up on my shoulder. Owen literally LAUNCHED himself out of my left arm! I was holding his knee so he got good leverage. He went UP in the air and landed in the grass (and frost), completely face-down and prostrate. It was AWFUL. Two more steps and he would have hit the concrete! He wasn't hurt at all, though. Little ones are tough. Mary and I both were shaking...

So we got inside and Owen was already smiling again. The Pilates class had been cancelled! Sigh. To avoid total meltdown I asked her if she wanted to visit Grandma.

While we were at Mom's, she got a phone call from Dad's cardiologist. He had tests run on Monday and his kidney function had come back as being "extremely off the chart of what they considered normal." He has been coughing for two weeks because of the fluid around his heart. So they went to the hospital to get him admitted and on IV meds and we came home.

Crazy, huh? And it is only lunch time!

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