Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kid Speak


“I mean…..”
Ex. “Owen, please get your First Thousand Words book.”
“I mean this one?”
“Yes, Owen, I mean that one.”

Panyo - piano

He also uses the word “hilarious.” “Mama, Tommy Jerry is hi-wa-wi-ous.”

And he is in love with Kathleen Fisher. He calls her Baby Taf-a-ween.

I told the kids to do their morning chores and Owen said he was done. Then Katie said, "Ooops! I need to brush my hair!" He said, "Me, too!" and ran off. When he came back he said, "Mama, you look me han'some?" And gave me a huge, cheesy grin.

Yes, Owen my love. I look you han'some.


The Best Part of Wakin’ Up

Katie likes to sleep late. She told me, “Maybe I should get a drink of coffee so I can wake up better.”

Who Knew You Could Get So Much from One Commercial?

Katie: Mama, Family Matters is sooooo funny, isn’t it?
Me: Did you watch it or just see the commercial?
K: Just the commercial. The boy on there is named Erick-al. He calls the girl “Angel Lips.” Isn’t that funny, Mama?
M: Yes, it is!
K (with her hand beside her mouth, whispering, like she’s telling a secret): Erick-al wants to be her BOYFRIEND! (hand down, out loud) But she doesn’t want him to be her boyfriend.
M: Why not?
K: She just wants him to be her FRIEND, but not her BOYFRIEND.
(K thinks a while….)
K: Erick-al is kinda clumsy, you know?
M: What does he do?
K (long, long sigh….) I just don’t know!
(K thinks a while….)
K: But he has a cowboy outfit and then he puts his hand on the fake door and it falls, and that’s kinda clumsy, right, Mama?
M: Right!

Giant of the Reformation
Katie is studying Martin Luther. The first page has that big head picture of Luther with the title, “Martin Luther - Giant of the Reformation.” When I turned to the page, I noticed Katie’s eyes bugging out. So I had to explain that he wasn’t a REAL giant. When Kevin came home, Katie told him that Marvin Luther got struck by lightening. Then she sold Kevin an indulgence for a dollar.

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