Monday, August 11, 2008

A Snapshot of My Life

We are riding back from Kroger. It's about 4:30. I'm tired from pushing one of those car carts, three kids, and a load of groceries. The back of the van is piled high with sports equipment, a guitar case, and of course, the groceries.

Owen is screaming. "IT'S TUMMIN OUT!!!! POO POO IS TWYIN TO TUM OUT WIGHT NOW!!!!" He is inconsolable. His voice has an odd edge to it, like any minute he might proclaim, "I am Legion!" There isn't anywhere to pull over, and what if I do? Should I let him do his business on someone's lawn?

Audrey is looking at him calmly. Her hair is sticking up like a perfect, feathery mohawk. Katie licked her hands in the store and styled it that way.

Katie has a book that has a little keyboard attached. She's playing "Silent Night." And awaiting the spanking she will receive at home for disobeying and climbing into the FRONT of the cart with Audrey. She's lucky she didn't fall and break something.

"My joy is in joy is in joy is in Christ...."

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