Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little One.

Audrey Rebecca is now my big one-year-old! She is such a joy. She is trying to walk and talk, and occasionally has Katie and Owen cracking up with her special sense of humor. It is difficult to make myself believe it has been a year since I held her in that hospital room, surrounded by...half the church! LOL! This year has really flown by.

Our birthday custom is for Kevin to take off work. Then we spend special one-on-one time with the birthday child, followed by cake and ice cream - and presents, of course!

When Audrey woke up this morning, Kevin brought her to our bed so we could all snuggle together. Audrey crawled in and out of the sheets, babbling and pointing. After breakfast and morning nap, Katie and Owen went to Grandma's house. Then just the three of us headed to McDonald's and the park. Audrey loved the slide and the pea gravel, but HATED the swings! It was a beautiful day, a bit cooler than last week, with such a blue sky. I also will remember this as the dragonfly year, as they are everywhere! Such a blessing as this means fewer mosquitos.

Back home, Audrey had her second nap while Kevin wrapped gifts and I finished her cake. I always make cakes for the kids. This time, Katie designed Audrey's cake! It is a "Patty Cake," marked with a "B" and decorated with frosting cherries and smiley faces.

Audrey got to ride in a front-facing car seat to Grandma's house, where we had dinner and a very small party. (I've learned from experience that one-year-olds don't care so much for HUGE parties that mommy and daddy tend to throw for them). Audrey seemed to enjoy her cake and presents.

Audrey, you are such a blessing to us. Your daddy and I pray every day that you will learn to know and love God, to enjoy Him forever, and to bring glory to Him in everything you do. We love you!

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