Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

Here is an excerpt from Audrey's birth story. I'll get the rest copied at some point, when the rest of my journal is moved:

At first lots of people were in the room - Kevin, Mom, Daddy, Mama, and Abby. Somewhere around 1:00 and 4 ccs of Pitocin, Tom, Stacy, and both of their kids came in. Daddy decided there were too many people in the room and took the kids and Tommy out. I really didn't know what was going on. Just like with Owen, I started out by meditating on scripture or hymn lines or just praying through contractions, focusing and breathing to the rhythm of the words. But Pitocin is EVIL and things got really hard and out of control fast! I lost my reputation of being a peaceful, quiet laborer and started crying out. First I told Kevin, "I can't pray!" Meaning I couldn't focus enough to pray through the contractions. The two Moms thought I said "I can't cry!" and started saying "Go ahead and cry!" Mom Hinton was even suggesting the epidural because she knew how high my pain threshold is and it was so odd for me to be that loud. I spoke quieter to Kevin between contractions, "No, I can't pray anymore, it hurts too bad! Pray FOR me."

Kevin was incredible. First he was stroking my hair and face so I could focus on that. Then he was whispering to me between contractions and encouraging me during them:

"I am praying for you and I am not the only one....everyone at Unity just got out of church and they all know you are in labor. They are all praying."

"That was a good one! I bet you are already in transition, at least 6 cm by now."

"You are doing a great job. I love you."

"God is with you. He will get you through this."

"It can't be much longer now."

The nurse checked me at some point after I was up to 6 ccs of Pitocin. I had gone from an unmoveable 4 cm. to 6 in just minutes. Only a bit later I told them I felt like pushing. She checked and I was 8-9 cm. Seconds passed and I told her the baby was COMING OUT without me trying to push at all!!! Everyone started moving fast. A nurse I hadn't seen before stood just inside the door but left when the doctor arrived - I think she would have delivered. I had to wait 20 minutes on the doctor and the nurses all encouraged me to blow through, just like with Owen, but it was MUCH more difficult! My body was just doing it involuntarily. Finally the nurse got the brains to turn the Pitocin drip off - LOL! That made it a bit easier to wait.

The nurse came in and I started barking commands! HA! "Don't touch my ankle when I push, it hurts." Etc.

I pushed ONE TIME. Two if you count that I took a quick breath between head and shoulders! She was small and I was DONE, shaking and hurting..........

They put her on my stomach just like they had done with my first two babies, but this time I took my time rubbing her down and talking to her. They had to ask me if they could have her! She was just beautiful, so tiny, with a little dark hair. She cried some but not as loudly or insistantly as Owen.

I nursed her a little when they were done with her, but then she had to go visit everyone - she had about 25 visitors that first day! That's what happens when you have a baby on the weekend. It was like that with Katie, who was born on Sunday. Owen was born on a Thursday and hardly anyone came. Although I love company, I was thankful when everyone was gone because I hadn't slept a wink in over 36 hours and had been laboring for about 12 of that.

Katie and Owen came up for a bit that evening. It was really sweet to see them with their new sister. Katie was in love and couldn't stop smiling. Owen didn't seem to get it, but since then he has become quite a protective, loving big brother.

When everyone was gone, Kevin and I just about collapsed from exhaustion. But we had our sweet baby, and I felt so much better I was in tears - not to mention the fact that I ate two dinners within about three hours...plus frozen yogurt AND ice cream!!! LOL! We sent Audrey to the nursery for a few hours, and when I had gotten my nap, I was ready to snuggle and kiss her. I am so thankful that God has entrusted us one more little life, and I pray that we will bring glory to Him in her training and care.

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amy said...

I cant believe its been a year...Wowsers! Thanks for sharing your story!