Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Greatest Act of Service

Yeah, you think this post is going to be labeled under "Jenny's Crazy Theology," don't you? Well, think again.

Unity has a mascot. A "church cat." Because every church should have a cat. She wandered up a few months ago and we've all been feeding her ever since. She's really nice, too; she lets the kids drag her around and never claws or bites them. I think someone named her Roger, but I'm not sure why.

Last Saturday I drove by the church to run the bulletin. That cat had puked right in front of the door! I really wanted to just ignore it. But then my mind wandered.....what if visitors come? What if they get there before anyone else and have to step over cat barf? NOT GOOD. I really, really, really did not want to clean it up. But after the bulletin was on the copier, I went back out with some scrap paper to scrape it up.

That cat.....had eaten.....a SNAKE. A small snake, yes, but IT WAS A SNAKE! And as I scraped it up, it was looking straight at me (because of course, the entire head was intact).

I later told Kevin that I was DONE. My service to Unity Baptist Church had ended. Someone else could take over the bulletin and sing with the praise team.

Kevin said he thought I could do more.


roger said...

I think we need to have a new nick name for Jenny: "snake lady". Hey foul play is fair play (although not exactly of sound doctrine) if the cat is named Roger (what a horrible name for a cat) then jenny could be "snake lady".

This morning I was typing this and for a split second thought of Kevin. What a nice, patient, disturbingly funny, Christian guy and what he goes through when he gets home. This is a guy who lives for his wife and kids (and the disturbing part; the Simpsons. Yes the Simpsons!) and I can just imagine the look on his face when he comes home, props his feet up on their kitchen table, and absorbs the day’s child laden fiasco narrated by Jenny. Oh my gootness!

Lis (my wonderful wife) and I are going through the invetro process and I can only hope our kids are as good as the Hinton’s kids. To tangent that thought, I can only hope that we are as good of parents as Kev and Jen are.

Kara said...

Jenny: wife, mother, financial guru, church music leader, bulletin maker, historian, webmaster, organizer extraordinaire, and cat puke cleaner. Is there anything you can't do? I want to be like you when I grow up. Minus the cat puke.

roger said...

Jenny is usually so proper. I would have never picked her for espousing snake handling. Think we will have to sit the elders down and talk discipline. Bwahahaha!