Friday, July 25, 2008

Jenny's Computer Woes

After spending over an hour on the phone with Apu from HP (NOT a Simpson's reference, that was his name), and trying all sorts of computer gymnastics such as unplugging everything and holding buttons in for so many seconds and replugging everything back in WITH the kids howling and climbing all over me, etc etc etc, I have been informed that there is a "serious problem" with our computer. Yes, this is our NEW computer. For some reason I can get online sometimes, so here I am.

They are sending a box for me to mail the CPU off and I'll get it back with everything fixed....and wiped clean. Again. Fortunately I can still log on to Windows and see all my files. Unfortunately my CD-RW drive is toast and reads all CDs as ROM only. That's computer-speak for unless I figure something out, I cannot back up all those lovely files, including video of Audrey pulling up for the first time and Owen's trip to the zoo for his birthday (waaaaah!). And let's not forget all the recently retyped and reformatted church files.

SO! I will not be available (in this format) for a week or two. You can pray that I'll figure out some way to back up files. And don't junk up my inbox while I'm gone. LOL!

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