Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Great Crash of Ought Eight - Continued

Yesterday I told everyone about my blog. That afternoon my 55-day-old computer crashed. After some investigation I've determined it is not a virus. After all, here I type. But I type fast, with breath held, because you just never know when it will black out again. Hey, this could be fun! Like a game. "Beat the Crash." If you lose, you get to be on the fast track to sanctification.

Keep in mind that it is only 55 days old because of the Great Crash of Ought Eight, wherin I lost all my Unity files (bulletin, music schedule, nursery and reader schedule, text to all the music we sing, website files, etc.) and three months' worth of pictures. (I usually back up once a month but we were at Mom Hinton's house for two months....) I was able to use backups for my Unity files but had to reformat them from Word to Works. Sigh.

I suspect the crashing has something to do with the fact that some idiot designed this computer with a bright blue button that lights up when the computer is on. And that said button is right at eye level with a certain someone who has mastered the art of pulling up on things and pushing bright blue buttons. A computer, even a new one, can only take so much.

The CPU fan runs so loudly it sounds like it might take to flight. Then I either get a blank screen, or I get an error message saying that the CPU fan is broken and that the computer will now shut down to save my CPU from "permanent damage." That sounds VERY BAD.

Hmmmmm.....I wonder if this also has anything to do with the fact that I keep it 80 degrees in here because my current "thrifty" project is to get my electric bill down? Maybe that fan is trying to cool the house down.

Anyhow! I need to go get Audrey up and then start school. Thanks for all of you who read and comment - what fun! And if you have emailed me I will try to answer between crashes until I figure this out.

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