Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's Go Krogering

If any of you are interested, Kroger has some fantastic deals this week. They have a list of items on sale for $1.50, $2, $2.50, and $3, and if you buy ten of these items, you get $5 off your total. An example - a pint of Dove chocolate ice cream (which, btw, is covered in a shell of Dove chocolate!) is $2; buy nine other deals and get it for $1.50; add in a newspaper coupon for $.50 to make it $1.00; Kroger doubles coupons to make it...FIFTY CENTS. Can't beat it!

On a healthier note, my kids like Kroger apple juice and after all discounts, one large bottle is only a dollar. I might have to get ten of just that!

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roger said...

Funny, I was in Kroger yesterday and noticed the price of beer has gone up. Silly me committed to my wife that I would forego alcoholic beverages (yes even wine)for five weeks or until we could get the ivf process up and going. Gosh the things men will go through to insure happiness. I've given up smoking, meat, partying, and now alcohol. Sickening I know. So in the interest of financial responsibility I purchased our family dinner (cheese dip and some chips) and got out relatively unscathed. Guess we will have to change our diets when/if we are blessed with spawns of our own.