Monday, June 6, 2005

A Camping We Will Go!

The church camping trip was a lot of fun, although it was hard on me physically. Totally worth it, though.

Katie absolutely LOVED eating picnics every meal, sleeping in the tent, and playing in the sand and water at the beach. Kevin did a bunch of group water games with the church kids ("Bucket Head Water Soft Ball"). I mostly took pictures and sat in the shade, although I did get in the water later.

I hope my siblings had fun. I know my brothers did. Melissa got her first migrane, though, and laid in the hot tent all day on Friday. She threw up about 6 times. I felt SO sorry for her! But Friday night she was able to eat and hold down some Anacin, which kicked in and made her feel like a new woman.

And Abby didn't really have anyone her age to hang out with, so she mostly stayed with me. I don't know if she enjoyed that or not, but I certainly did! It was nice to spend some time with just her (she is 13).

Other than that, there isn't much to tell. The girls had helped me do all the prep work beforehand, so cooking and such was fairly easy (like soup in the crock pot and grilled cheese on the griddle).

Oh! And Jesse, who is 9, got on a tire swing and spun around for about 20 minutes. I kept saying, "You are going to make yourself sick!" And he would laugh and say, "That is what I am TRYING to do!" I think he thought it was an old wives' tale. But he found out later that it wasn't! He got sick twice (with Twizzlers!) but felt better after that.

Sunday really was a day of rest. We went out to eat after church with a new family (the Dingmans - they have been visiting for several months now). Then we went home and I took a long nap - aaaah!

Today is groceries, tomorrow finishing up housework, and Wednesday I take Dad to Southaven. I am hoping that this is his last appointment. Thursday is my next OB appointment and then I have to start going every week.

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