Friday, May 27, 2005

Everyday Providence

WOW, today was busy! I got to visit with my aunt Glenda who was in town, and then I met with my friend about selling AVON. I decided to wait until the baby is born because you get 50% on your first 4 consecutive orders, and you order every two weeks, so I would miss out when Owen got here. That is fine, though, because I have a lot of reading material until then! At least I will have time to know what I am getting into.

This afternoon is dinner with Mom Hinton, and Katie is spending the night with her. After a leisurely morning with Kevin, we will go get Katie. Then my family (meaning Daddy, Mama, Melissa, Abby, Ivan and Jesse...parents and younger sibs) are coming for a simple dinner and some swimming.

Because hey, baby! My POOL IS OPEN! YAY!

I won't be around at all this week. Today is Southaven with Dad, tomorrow is packing, and then Thursday through Saturday is camping. I am taking my siblings so I will have five kids with me. This is actually a good thing, because they are ages 10-16 and are good helpers. Sunday is church, Monday will be D-Day (read: cleaning up), and then Tuesday Dad goes to Germantown. So I am thinking I will be back sometime around NEXT Wednesday.

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