Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Everyday Providence

Sunday was nice. Leah came to church and played the harp for us. BEAUTIFUL! Nathan Sawyer filled in for our pastor, who was away at bank school (he works as a loan officer and is part-time with us right now). He was AWESOME! Then the Watkins came over for lunch, along with Kevin's parents. In the evening, Kevin and I opened our pool (almost, anyhow). We came in and ate dinner, then Kevin played guitar for me while I leafed through my Quick Cooking and Family Fun magazines (of course, this was after we put Katie in bed!). It was really a nice, restful day!

Yesterday I got a lot done around here, then took Dad to his PT appointment. That was okay. He got a good report. It looks like he will just need one more PT appointment, then the next week get his stitches out, and then we MAY be all done! I am so thankful. He is planning to drive again and lifted his right leg without assistance to show me he could. I don't think it is a good idea and I do not plan to ever ride with him, but whatever.

Today I have to get groceries and get a nail hole plugged in my tire. Katie is driving me nuts because she has to be constantly entertained. I have gotten up at LEAST a dozen times since I started typing. And that was even with my enforcing "room time" for some of it. Sigh. I guess I could let her watch TV or play on the computer, but I am trying to keep her from being so media-dependant, lol! SOOOOO I had better sign off now.

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