Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Katie the Brain

Good morning!

Okay, so I get to brag in my journal, right?

Katie knew her colors, shapes, numbers to 12, and all uppercase letters several months before she turned two. Now she knows upper and lowercase letters, numbers 1-14 and 20-29. She knows all the sounds that the letters make and can tell me words that start with those letters. She will randomly say "B is for ball! B is for bear! RAAAAAA!" and they aren't always even the same words.

She is completely potty trained, day and night, and can use the potty by herself if the light is on.

She not only draws faces with eyes, nose, ears, hair, and mouth, she is now drawing bodies, too. With arms and legs. I should take a picture of one. She does all of this totally by herself. I didn't even show her any of it beyond a face with eyes, nose and mouth.

And then this weekend I bought a workbook for ages 2-5. It is the first in a series that starts with tracing and drawing straight lines. The front of the book tells you to use a real pencil and teach them to hold it correctly. She held the pencil right on the first try and even later, when she was freehand drawing, I noticed that she was still holding it right - with no instruction!

The first two pages of the workbook had her draw a line from one animal to another, going around stumps and rocks. She had to draw curvy lines to do this. She never messed up. Then on the back of the two sheets she had to draw straight lines from one animal to the next. She did all that right, too.

Okay, I will stop there. I could go on and on! I am so proud of her. Now if she would only obey better. LOL!

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