Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Everyday Providence

Last Week Was SOOO Busy!

Just forget about last week. Who cares anyhow, right?

Seriously, I might be able to think of the more important stuff:

Saturday - We went to the ZOO! It was so much fun. We renewed our membership, so Katie and I (and Owen when he gets here) can go free. My husband is very thoughtful and purchased a tram ticket so that I wouldn't have to walk. I just love him. He is thoughtful and kind. Kevin is a good name for him; it means "gentle, kind."

Sunday - Kevin's mom kept Katie in the afternoon so that we could tour the maternity center at Methodist. I was amazed at how huge the L&D rooms were! This is a great thing since I will have both moms and Kevin present. They will even have a small round table with four chairs if they need to eat or play cards to pass the time. The hospital is very nice and I think I will be happy to have Owen there. The only bad thing is that it is almost an hour from home, so I won't feel comfortable waiting too long before I go get "hooked up." I know some ladies don't want an IV, but I am a wimp (muscle-wise!) and need the fluid to have the strength to push. Yes, I also know you CAN drink during labor, and some do, but I puked a lot when I had Katie, so that wouldn't have worked.


My Birth Plan

These are random but are just a few things that are important to me. I am also a flexible person and won't be super disappointed if some of this doesn't happen.

*Au natural (again), meaning no pain stuff or epidurals
*If I have strep-B again, make SURE they get the two bags of antibiotics through me...they had plenty of time with Katie but I guess they forgot, and they had to give her shots.
*Mama, Mom, and Kevin all there
*If I tell them I need to lie on my side because my back hurts, Kevin is under orders to tell them I MEAN it. I have a ruptured disk and it really hurts when I get back labor! With Katie I was in too much pain at that point to be assertive, so I just let it go for a while. At some point I must have gotten my point across because they let me get on my side. They just didn't want to have to monitor manually!
*I tore with Katie and I still haven't healed, so I plan on telling the doctor YOU BE THE JUDGE. I would rather not have an episiotomy OR tear, but if I have to have one or the other, whatever looks like it will be less of a problem later.
I can't think of any more right now...

Back to your regularly scheduled blabber.

Monday - groceries and something else I can't remember. Oh, I think that was the day my cousin came over for a few hours.

Tuesday - I can't remember. I just know that Monday through Thursday were insane.

Wednesday - Took Dad to Southaven for his PT appointment. Then he wanted to go to Stern clinic in Germantown for bloodwork. Then he wanted to go to a Chinese buffet. Then he wanted to pick up a perscription on the Navy base. I drove over 100 miles that day.

Thursday - Really can't remember, although I do know that Kevin played basketball that night so I had Katie by myself all day and night. I also remember doing a lot of housework and having to go out to Wal-Mart a second time in one week (I just do NOT do that!) because Kevin's work had a "goodie day" on Friday.

Friday - I rested and played with Katie!

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