Friday, May 20, 2005

Everyday Providence

I can't even START to type out everything I did this week, but I am totally exhausted. Maybe I will catch up this weekend.

I still don't have time to post all about last week, even though my house is quiet right now. Both of my babies (Katie and KEVIN!) are sleeping. Owen woke me up about 30 minutes ago, and I feel good this morning. So I got up to get the party started!

After dinner last night I made some homemade cinnamon rolls that I'll bake in a minute. We are going this morning to look at mini-vans - I am really excited! Then we are going to a housewarming party for a guy at church. He is only a little younger than me, but functions around the second-grade level, so this is really exciting for him (and nerve-wrecking for his parents!). I believe it is a group of houses where he will have a roomate and loose supervision. I bought him a coffee pot because he always leaves in the middle of our Sunday morning Bible study to get coffee. The gift is wrapped; I just need to cut up fruit for my fruit tray.

Then Kev and I are going on a date to see Star Wars. I am not exactly jumping up and down, but I figure I saw the other five, right?

Tomorrow I have Leah coming for special music. She is only 12 and plays the harp - like an angel! She is one of the six children that I used to "nanny" for when I was a teen and in college. I believe I started working over there about 15 years ago and did so for about eight years? They homeschooled, so what I really did was help to cook and clean and watch the younger kids/babies. Basically I was a paid older sibling.

Okay, I hear Katie stirring. Time to get this show on the road!

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