Monday, May 9, 2005

Everyday Providence

Dad took me out to eat at Captain D's today. That place is a grease pit! I felt sick all afternoon. But I cured it with a good dose of oven-baked pork chops, parsely potatoes, and turnip greens for dinner.

Again, the weekends make it hard for me to eat right, and I feel so gross in the evenings. And I have no idea how much I weigh. I'll just wait until my OB appointment on Thursday.

I am a little nervous about my back. It feels really unsteady, like something might slip again, or like I might fall down. I was really scared when I was leading the music on Sunday, because that would just be awful to fall in front of everyone! So I am really taking it easy now...okay, well, as much as I can, given what all I need to do this week.

Kevin's dad did really well during the surgery. I wasn't sure if they were even going to do it. The anasthesiologist kept coming back with more questions and more lab requests, and then going to consult other doctors. It went on like that for 1 1/2 hours. Finally they decided to go ahead with it. One blessing is that it forced Dad to come off the walker. He does just fine with the cane and probably didn't even need to be ON the walker.

Friday night was really nice with my parents. We were all able to visit without all the noise and kids everywhere.

Saturday was super-cool. Mom Hinton and I went to a luncheon. The speaker was fabulous; she talked about the different seasons of our lives and God's plan for each one. Then we went downstairs to eat. Each table was decorated VERY VERY VERY nice, all with different themes. We sat at a table with three other ladies from church and two ladies we did not know. It was so much fun!

Then she and I went back to my house and picked up Kevin and Katie. Kevin had given Katie four pony-tails - pretty funny! We loaded up and went shopping for outdoor stuff. It took almost all day, so we ended up just eating dinner there.

Then on Mother's Day we had a great church service. Our church is small (maybe 60-80 people?), so it was a real treat to have a lady from the Memphis Symphony Orchestra come to play her violin in the service. Her student Katie goes to our church, and they played two duets and then accompanied the hymns with the piano and keyboard. Beautiful! My favorites were "O Sacred Head Once Wounded" and "All Hail the Power." It was also cool to lead the music with them playing - I had to be extra careful to make sharp entrances and cut-offs!

Kevin's brother grilled burgers for us for lunch, and then we helped Kevin's mom plant some flowers. Then Kevin and I went to see "Kingdom of Heaven." It was good, but there was an awful lot of battles. Lastly, we dropped by my Mom's house to wish her Happy Mother's Day and give her a gift.

Monday - Took Dad Hinton to his cardiologist about an hour and 15 minutes away. He wanted to eat out afterwards and the rain was POURING, so I ended up very wet after getting him out of the car (so slowly!) and escorting him, then Katie, inside. Food was so nasty! Got home around 1:30, put Katie down, made some phone calls, paid the bills, did some run-around stuff with some medical bills that no one seems to be able to take care of (I call it "pass the buck enough and maybe Jenny will just pay full price and not worry about insurance covering 80% of it"). Made out my meal plan and grocery list for the week; went through coupons. Cooked dinner.

Tuesday - Must get groceries and run by the bank in the morning. Going with my new neighbor to the park in the afternoon.

Wednesday - Home blessing (meaning extra housework like the bathrooms) and then take Dad Hinton to have his hand incision checked out at his doctor's office about 1 1/2 hours away.

Thursday - My OB appointment and lunch with Lee Anne.

Friday - Type and run the bulletin.

Whew! I am tired already!

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