Thursday, April 7, 2005

Everyday Providence

We are flooded here from lots of rain. But the sun is halfway out today.

Yesterday I just took a break and regrouped from my bad back. As soon as I finish typing this, though, I am going to try the Prenatal Pilates again. I figure you can't take it much easier than that! Can't hurt, might help? I really don't want to just give up altogether. Katie is saying right now, "Find Mama eke-sizes!" because I told her I was gonna do it. I guess she is my motivator...I should tell her every day!

It has been a while (almost two years?) since I discovered FlyLady. I really like that site. I still use it, although I modify it somewhat. Here is my Daily Routine, which I stick to pretty faithfully:

Daily Routine
·Make bed
·Shower and dress to shoes
·Get Katie up and ready (Katie helps make her own bed.)
·Breakfast (We also read a chapter of Proverbs together, go over a catechism question and sing "The B-I-B-L-E" while at the table.)
·Check calendar
·Thaw dinner
·Start laundry (Katie puts clothes in the washer and dryer, and puts in detergent and the Downy ball.)
·Trashes (I check them and take them out if needed.)
·Dishes (Katie sorts the silverware.)
·Zone work (15 minutes of work in current "zone"; this week was the kitchen so for example one day I might wipe out the fridge...)
·Katie's naptime (I lay down with her until she falls asleep, at least while I am pregnant.)
·Finish laundry (Katie puts away her own clothes that go in drawers.)
·Pick up house (toys, etc.)

Katie also sits on the counter and "helps" make the meals about 50% of the time. She likes to dump ingredients and stir, mostly.

Then I have a To Do Weekly list, which I fit in as I want:

To Do – Weekly

·"Home Blessing" (floors, bathrooms and dusting)
·Bills/medical bills/checkbook

Then I have my church responsibilities, which I also fit in as I want:

To Do – Church

·Bulletin (type, copy, and fold...)
·Bible Drill (Plan my lesson.)
·Visitors (Keep track of visitors to the church and send cards.)
·Service music (I plan music out for the service a month in advance and go over what we are doing that week --- I lead the music at our church.)
·Nursery schedule (Yeah, I do that, too!)
·Website (I am not quite finished with it, yet, so I need to do that and then keep it updated.)
·Directory (This is just a current project that will soon be completed; I am making a pictoral directory.)

Between all that, I do stuff with Katie, play on the computer, sew, whatever. I also have stuff that changes from week to week that I add to my list, like yesterday I got my oil changed and visited my FIL in the hospital. Today I am sending out invitations for a Family Group Meeting of church friends at my house (Kevin is an elder and has people he is "over," meaning we talk to them about their needs, vision for things at church, service at church, etc.). I also am going to a children's clothing sale this afternoon, dropping by the dry cleaners, and I have to make a veggie tray for Kevin to take to work tomorrow...

WOAH I am busy! I had better go get my Pilates in!

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