Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Everyday Providence

Exercise? Yeah, right. I walked a mile with Katie in the umbrella stroller yesterday and almost couldn't get back home! My back hurt so badly all night. Kevin was a sweetie and gave me a back rub just before bed, and I feel better today. Now I don't know what I am supposed to do. I guess just let myself go to pot until the baby comes out?

Kevin's dad had a wreck on Monday. He must have blacked out while driving. He has congestive heart failure and I figure he wasn't getting enough oxygen to his brain (or maybe his leg wouldn’t move when he tried to move it to the brakes?), because he remembers NOTHING from the wreck. He ran his one-year-old Chevy SSR (yes, that is a very expensive automobile) into the back of a cement truck while driving about 55 down the highway. God must have been protecting him because he has no serious injuries, but now all the paperwork begins for my MIL, who just went back to work because she couldn't wait any longer for disability to approve her and she needed insurance.

Nothing else special going on. I got my oil changed and visited my FIL in the hospital today. I also got Katie's new outfit cut out. It will be a Clifford shirt and shorts set.

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