Friday, April 8, 2005

Everyday Providence

I haven't been eating as much lately, mostly because I get indigestion when I do. Smaller meals, and more of them, seems to work really well.

I did my Prenatal Pilates yesterday AND today! Soon I will have to switch to the third trimester workout, I guess, since I will be six months on the 14th.

I will also be walking about a mile tonight because of where we park downtown to go to the game. Hope I can make it! It is fun when we get inside the forum and they ask us to lift our shirts to make sure we aren't "packin'." The security guard always gets a laugh out of my big belly!

The clothing sale was GREAT. I got almost all of Katie's play clothes and probably all of Owen's 0-3 month summer clothes for $29.50.

Then we had dinner at Mom Hinton's house and watched Survivor. Fun!

Today I have been making dinner for tomorrow so I can spend the whole time with Kevin and Katie. I also washed and put away all of the clothes I bought.

Kevin's mom is watching Katie tonight for the final Grizzlies game of the season, and then she will be letting her spend the night. So Kevin and I get the place to ourselves!

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