Saturday, April 30, 2005

Everyday Providence

Grizzlies Getting Swept!

Boy, did the Grizzlies ever stink it up last night! The game was still fun. It was my first playoff game. Kevin's mom kept Katie overnight, so we stayed up too late when we got home and now I am tired! "Someone" doesn't let me sleep in too late these days...

Another Game Today

Today we got free tickets to the Redbirds game. That should be fun, except Katie might not like it. We will see. I need to remember sunscreen. Then tonight I need to cook dinner for tonight and for the family fellowship meal at church tomorrow. Two families at church are moving away, so we are having a "farewell" to them. I started crying when I thought about it too much today. They are both moving because of job/retirement situations, and they are all such good friends. One family has seven kids and they homeschool, just like me when I was growing up, so I have a special bond with them.

The Memphis Blues

I still feel a little sad. I am not sure if it is hormones, or all the driving around I have to do, or my friends all moving, or something else. I feel TOTALLY unattractive, too. I am trying to be happy outwardly, hoping that this will restore my joy inwardly, as well. I think that focusing on being a thankful person seems to help most days.

What I Am Reading

I am reading a new book by Debi Pearl called "Created to Be His Help Meet." Yeah, I know, a lot of people would have a huge problem with just the title and the implications of it! But even if you disagree with some of the content, there is a chapter that you can access online (at about types of husbands that is RIGHT ON THE MONEY. If any lurkers have time, check it out (and yes, you can read it with a grain of salt if you like it...I have to watch my salt intake these days).

Kevin is a "Mr. Steady." It fits him to a tee, and reading this book is really helping me to know how to relate to him, encourage his strengths, and learn to be more thankful.

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