Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Everyday Providence

I feel kinda dumb for logging my exercise, since I can't exercise. Just doing daily tasks makes my back hurt these days, so I have to rest a lot and I can't do anything strenuous. But I can at least log my eating habits. I have noticed that I eat poorly on the weekends (and too much), and that I feel really sick on Sunday nights. When I eat better during the week, I feel better.

Weigh-in for today (30 weeks! YAY!) was about 138 before breakfast, so I am staying pretty steady right now. I try to snack on decent stuff between meals so I am not famished when the meals come.

I didn't get much done today, but that was intentional. I figure I will be running around like nutso for the next few days, so today was a break. I did make a birthday card for my Daddy and two Mother's Day cards, wrapped Daddy's gift, and did the usual housework and taking care of Katie. Oh, and I hung my hummingbird feeder, since they keep coming and looking at me through the window.

Yesterday, my new neighbor came over for an unexpected visit. I really like her. She is young (21) and has a little girl the same age as Katie. She seems to be a great mom, very patient and teaching.

I feel badly for Kevin. He works in human resources and now the final payroll person is no longer working (she is about as pregnant as I am and has borderline toxemia, plus low iron and failed her diabetes test), so he is really taking up the slack. He had a good day today, though.

Oh, and I think the church potluck had some salmonella.

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