Sunday, April 24, 2005

Everyday Providence

I have been so very busy that I have only done Pilates twice since I last posted two weeks ago. I feel like I have been getting a lot of exercise just by all of the running around that I have been doing! My weight is still good. I weighed 142 at the OB last week (and 137 at home), which puts me up 22 lbs. from my starting weight. Not too bad! I have been eating better, too, except for today (we went to a local Mexican restaurant - YUM!), which makes me feel better. I had my first prenatal massage, which worked wonders on my poor back. And I passed the gestational diabetes test, so no diet or repeat testing.

Whew! I have been way too busy. Since I last posted, I had to take Dad Hinton to the doctor twice. Here is just an idea of how the first appointment went:

·9:00 - left my house
·9:20 - got to Dad's house
·9:40 - finally got Dad and walker in the car, which included picking up his feet (with my pregnant belly in the way!) and literally cramming him in (because my car is small), causing him pain...
·10:15 - arrived at doctor's office and kept Katie entertained; also entertained a mentally handicapped adult girl whose mom had left her in the waiting room and answered her same question at least 20 times ("Hey, can I ask you a question? Is that sticker book for little kids or big girls like me?); Dad slept through it all!
·11:15 - Dad called back - finally!
·12:00 - Dad ready to leave
·12:15 - stopped at Sonic b/c Dad was thirsty
·12:30 - tried to get on Navy base to pick up Dad's meds; got sent around the base to other entrance; waited for inspection; couldn't find registration in my glove box; guy let me on anyhow to "help the Chief"
·1:00 - dropped off Dad's perscription, told it would be an hour wait
·1:15 - ran through Taco Bell on base and fed starving Katie (and me!)
·2:00 - picked up meds, got back in car, Dad says "Where are the REFILS? These are only the new meds..."
·2:15 - back in line to pick up refils
·2:45 - back to Dad's house, get Dad a snack, TV remote, and phone; Dad asks me to MASSAGE HIS BACK! Oh, my!
·3:30 - I finally get home and put Katie down for a (late) nap.

WHEW! I did that twice, only instead of picking up meds the second time, we had to go see the truck. Let's just say that I cannot believe he isn't dead, after seeing the truck. And the AIRBAGS DID NOT GO OFF! Okay, more about what I have been doing in a second...

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