Monday, April 4, 2005

Everyday Providence

Sundays are my "day of rest" and I do not plan to exercise any on that day. I haven't exercised today, either - at least, not yet. I did get groceries at the Super Wal-Mart which SHOULD count. But since we have daylight savings time (which I love), I will probably go tonight when Kevin gets home. My original plan was to go in the morning before he left for work, but I didn't sleep well last night. SOMEONE thinks it is funny to give me false labor pains all night and then kick the stew outta me!

Also, to clarify my eating habits (since I said I ate too much), when I say I am eating a ton of food, it is usually food that is good for me. I just can't stop eating it. We eat pretty healthy around here (lots of whole-grains, leafy greans, lean meats, etc). So I am not sure if I should practice some self-control or just go for it.

(I hope no one thinks I am vain, since I do realize that my current pregnancy weight isn't even a lot. It really has NOTHING to do with my shape, looks, or anything like that. It has EVERYTHING to do with my back, which has been in awful shape since I fell about 15 feet onto a wooden beam when I was 12 years old.)

My husband is SOOO nice. For my birthday, he ordered maternity clothes and got certificates for four pre-natal massages (since my back is bad). He also made me a card on the computer (!) and got me a bunch of sweetheart roses and two Twix bars (one for me and one for Owen, he says). Then he took me out to eat at a local restaurant and then to Starbucks. The Starbucks thing was a big deal, because I love mochas, but the nearest Starbucks was an hour away. Then we got one in Millington --- while I had hyperemesis! SIGH. So I just now had my first mocha at the new Starbucks. And we met Steve and Camille, who will be moving soon, to chat with them. They have seven kiddos so it was cool to be able to visit in the quiet.

The fellowship meal at church yesterday was AWESOME. A new lady who has been visiting came, and I spent a lot of the night getting to know her. We ate outside and watched all the kids (and MEN! LOL!) play dodge ball. They played for two hours! The pastor hit Katie in the face with the ball, and she came to me and RATTED on him..."Brudder Dax hurt ball FACE!"

Okay, I really need to put away my groceries.

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