Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taming of the Mane

A while back I mentioned an awkward situation with the lady who cuts my hair. Since that time, the salon she works for raised their already high prices. So I've just been letting it grow. Okay, letting it GO is more like it.

Enter Lisa. Lisa belongs to my homeschool group and recently shared her secret past. When she quit work to be with her kiddos, she was traveling around the country doing hair shows and teaching salon owners how to run their businesses. She offered her fellow mommies "bathroom haircuts" for LESS THAN A THIRD of the price of the aforementioned salon. Could it get any better? Why, yes, yes it could. Instead of taking a beeper (old salon did not make appointments!) and waiting at my mother-in-law's house until I was summoned, I could drive THREE-FOURTHS of a mile down the road WITH my children in tow and get a fabulous haircut. As a bonus, Lisa's beautiful and sweet teen daughter fed my kids lunch! Incredible.

Normally I do not care for pictures of my mug on here, but for my curious friends I'd like to demonstrate Lisa's talents. And in the usual "before and after" fashion, I made sure to look pretty nasty in the "before" shot. *giggle*


After (air drying and hitting a few spots with the curling iron)

Side View


(Special thanks to my photographer, Owen.)


Anonymous said...

Cute "do", Jenny! And GREAT pictures, might have a talent!
Love ya,

Chris said...

very cute... good job, owen:)

sherilynn said...

You look fabulous with your fresh cut!

amy said...

you look fantabulous..I love the no smile and smile versions as well

rthling said...

Wow, Lisa must also do makeup! Score!

Jeff said...

Heh. With that dour look in photo one, you would be a natural photographer for those "miracle" before and after cures in magazine ads.