Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everyday Providence


Background: This afternoon, Katie was “skiing” on the kitchen floor in her socks. She abruptly ran into Owen’s room…

K - Owen, do you want to ski with me?
O - No, I don’t.

(Insert more attempts at convincing Owen, escalating into louder and louder conversation. I‘d type it but I was trying to ignore it at the time.)

K - Owen, you are going to grow up to be a BAD MAN and no girls will marry you because you are SO SELFISH!

(Katie then runs into the living room to persuade me to help her get her way.)

K - Mama, Owen does NOT love God. I mean it! He does NOT! You need to go in there and talk to him about it!
J - I don’t think that Owen said that, Katie. Go back and work it out yourself, the RIGHT way.

(Katie returns to Owen’s room, speaking sweetly but urgently.)

K - Tell me if you really hate God. Just tell me. OWEN! Do you hate God?
O - No. I wike God.
K - If you love God, would you please ski with me?
O - I wike God, but I do not want to ski.

(She finally gives up.)


Background - Owen loves Looney Tunes, especially the one where Yosemite Sam is in the desert, riding that camel. “Whoa, camel! Whoa! When I say whoa, I mean WHOA!”

Owen, to Audrey, who was grabbing his Hot Wheels cars: “No, Audrey, no! When I say no, I mean NO!”

You know it’s bad when…

I saw the lady who cuts my hair in Wal-Mart last weekend. As she checked out, she gave me a big smile and said hello. I returned the greeting, then told her it was about time for me to come in for a hair cut. She then abruptly turned to the cashier and never did look back at me. At first I thought that she must have been in a hurry. But back home, after catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I realized the awful truth. SHE WAS IGNORING ME BECAUSE SHE DID NOT WANT ANYONE TO THINK SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT WAS GROWING FROM MY SCALP.

What do you do when you’ve had stick-straight hair your whole life but after baby #3 it turns into a frizzy, curly mess? And don’t tell me to stop washing it. I already tried that and it just became a frizzy, curly, dirty mess. Although I will say that through that little escapade I realized I was washing it way too much. Still, I think I had better dig in my heels and keep growing it out. It does need a trim, but maybe I can hold out until Herbal Essences sends me my free haircut voucher.


roger said...

Uhh...Is there really a place to respond. I mean. When I was katie's age I was getting my lil bro to eay dirt. And when I was O's age I often tried to set him free during nap time. My older bro liked to read. Unfortunately it wasn't really my thing till much later in life. However my older bro and I found it fun to play "Spika & Wyka". This involved us to pretend to be super heros and we would slide off the bed holding onto our shared bean bag. Bean bags, the real mode of transportation for super heros. Bean bags rule!

Yeah the whole hair topic is one I tread gently on. In matter of fact I am fighting addressing the topic but I can't help it. I thought I would do you a favor and post a couple clips of people having some really bad reactions to having their hair done. But then I figured I might be censored. I'll let you trust that I had a blast searching for "bad hair day" on You tube.

You know Lis cuts my hair. (smirk!) In matter of fact; with the little one on the way, its probably time for her to find a short style. I've been shopping for hair styles ya know....

Jenny said...

Roger, if I cut my hair like any of those I WOULD have an afro! At least the length holds it down a bit. Lis would probably look cute with one of those, though. I suggest she start with something around her shoulders so that she doesn't go from mid-back to over-the-ears!