Thursday, December 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

Katie had to write a persuasive letter for her Language Arts. She had to decide who she wanted to persuade, what she wanted to persuade them to do, and make an appeal to both emotion and logic. Here is what she settled on. She wanted to persuade Kevin to let her STAY with Grandma. Meaning, live with her. Her appeal to emotion included the fact that she loves Grandma and has fun with her. Of course this is logical, because she promised that she would obey and not ask to go shopping. Best of all, she told Kevin, "You and Mama can go on lots of dates."

After she wrote the letter, she was watching Looney Tunes and informed me that Michagan J. Frog is very persuasive. (Michagan J. is the singing frog who always stops performing when put in front of an audience.) After all, he sings, "So bay-be, come on, and tell me I'm your oooooowwwwnnnn!" Come ON! Tell me I'm your own!

And in other news, we had a crazy squirrel try to get into the house last week. He kept trying to jump through the French doors. Then he came back a couple of hours later and did it again. Weird!

Finally, in case you didn't know, Wendy is McDonald's wife.

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