Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turtles, Chicks, and School Buses!

Last night we had a friend over for dinner. Her husband is in Nigeria on a mission trip and we thought she could use the diversion. For dessert we had Edwards' Turtle Pie. YUM! Owen's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw it...until his daddy had to go and ruin it for him.

"Owen, this is Turtle Pie. It has turtles in it. See? Those are the shells. And there's the guts."

Owey wouldn't touch it. Kevin laughed a diabolical laugh and informed us that his plan had worked. More for him!

Later, Kevin felt guilty and tried to get Owen to eat some of it. The boy kept looking at the side of it, asking, "Is dem duh tuttle guts?"

Mean ol' daddy. Of course I can't say much.

Tonight Katie asked, "Mama, why are there two kinds of chicken eggs? You know, one has some egg in it we eat, and the other has a baby chick."

I so did NOT want to go into the whole fertilization thing so I just told her, "Well, if you want a chick, you leave the egg under the mama hen so she can keep it warm. And if you want an egg to eat, you take it out from under her and put it in the refrigerator."

Bad answer. I realized this about the time Katie's bottom lip started trembling. Her eyes filled with tears...."You mean we EAT THE BABY CHICKS?!??!?!"


On a more random note, it takes just about eight minutes to get from my house to Katie's art class. Two minutes of that is spent on my street. When I turn onto the main road into town, it's usually about 2:50 in the afternoon. Want to guess how many school buses we pass during the next six minutes?


Amazing. I could say a lot more about this but will skip it in leu of going to hang out with Kevin.


Kara said...

24 school busses?!? In MUNFORD?

When I saw your title about turtles and chicks, I thought you were going to say something about the Wonder Pets. (And HOW sad is it that I know about Wonder Pets? What's even sadder is that I know the song, and will have it in my head for the rest of the night.)

"We're not too big and we're not too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff! Goooooo Wonder Pets, YAY!"

Jenny said...

You had me worried. I thought I had misspelled "buses." According to, we're both right. Imagine that.

Those twenty-four were only the buses going west out of town. And when I first turned on that road, I could see more in my rearview mirror. I got the number twenty-four from Katie and Owen counting the ones coming at us.

If I was writing about the Wonder Pets, I would have never left Lenny out. I am so scared that you watch that.

amy said...

you make me giggle..your family is wonderful.

hope you guys are doing wonderful

Luke said...

You just need to tell your daughter... "puppies turn into dogs who grow old and DIE." ~ Josie (I find this movie hilarious, by the by... one of the best lessons in product placement the world has ever seen [smile])

Poor Katie. She might figure out that eating chicken comes from grown up chicks... you may have a vegetarian on your plate there [smile].


Lee Anne said...

Interesting. School bus #24 almost plowed into me this morning as I was turning in to the girls' school. Apparently, there is some rule that says they don't have to stop at stop signs and can pull into oncoming traffic (from both directions) without any notice.


Our discussions are about baby cows these days since we have some on the way for next spring.

Poor Katie...

Kara said...

When I worked nights, I came home and went to sleep watching Nick at Nite reruns. Then I would wake up mid-morning to the Wonder Pets theme song. At first I was annoyed by it. Then I found that I was disappointed if I missed it...

(I thought you had misspelled busses too. I'm glad we're both still brilliant.)

roger said...

Future leaf eaters unite! Yep it appears they are ready for the slaughterhouse tour. Might I suggest that you take them by the meat counter at the local evil empire (Walmart) and tell them "See dis packaged meat? It use to be a cow. It was force-fed, pumped full of hormones, knocked unconcious, and killed in inhumane ways. Yum!"

Well on second thought, that might be cruel given the tender age of your kiddos.