Friday, October 31, 2008

Frugal Friday

Three Quick Tips

1. Always check clearance areas of your grocery store. In my local Kroger there is a bakery clearance area all the way in the back by the milk. I will often grab a bag of wheat rolls for that nights' dinner for less than a dollar. The Atoka Kroger also has a general clearance section at the front, by the pharmacy. My last good buy there was a box of Organic English Breakfast Tea (one of my favorites) for less than $2.

2. Find out what day your local grocery store marks down their meat and produce items. If I shop Kroger on Friday night, I have a wide variety of extremely cheap produce to choose from. I've noticed that the marked-down produce is anything expiring before the following Monday, so we even have a couple of days to eat it. Last week I picked up two of those large plastic containers of Organic Spring Mix salad for less than $3.

3. And for those who are weary of grocery tips, here's a cleaning tip. The cheapest and best cleaner for my tub and shower is Suave Shampoo and a scrubbie sponge from my kitchen. This works well since my tub needs cleaning just about the same time that my sponge needs to be replaced.

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