Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This and That

I warned you all that I post in spurts. Kevin is off work tomorrow so we can take Katie and Owen to the Mid-South Fair. So I am just staying up WAY too late and posting to my heart's content! I'm sure the kids will make me pay when they get up earlier than usual tomorrow. (That's how they roll.)

Congratulations to my friend Teresa S., who tried my grocery tips and saved over $90 at Kroger last week. Her prize is a package of Soleil disposable razors that I got for $1.99, since Teresa had some issues with redeeming the combination of manufacturer and store coupons for said razors at the Millington Walgreens (should have gone to Atoka!).

It was so cloudy last Friday that Katie informed me that it was a "dimsal day." Meanwhile, Owen announced that "Gran-ma is gonna haf a bay-be." When I asked him if it was in her tummy, he said, "Almost!"

Unity's basketball team won last week. Here's a pic of Kevin leading the halftime devotional. I think he spoke on Supralapsarianism vs. Infralapsarianism. (Just kidding!)

Seriously, the devotional was about loving your wives. Chris looks mighty interested. Todd looks....well, like he has a light saber sticking out of his scalp.

Chris in action....

....and John.

Ridin' the pines. And checkin' the odor.

Post-game commentary. For the record, Jason just wanted to go eat!

(Yeah, I am dangerous with this Photoshop thing....time for BED!)

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amy said...

I always knew you would be a fab blogger