Friday, September 19, 2008

The Revenge of Chef Boyardee

Anyone who reads this blog on even a semi-regular basis knows two things. First, I have a lot of current posts and a lot of really old posts, with a "great big honkin' huge" gap in the middle (thanks, Owen, for that really cool phrase). And second, I post in spurts. I may go a week or so without posting and then have a spree of four or five in a row, as I have previously pointed out.

The Big Update is coming. That's the one where I finish moving my old hermit blog out into the light of day. Because I know you are all just pining away, whishing you could read about the time Kevin C. accidentally prayed for Mel Brooks during the worship service.

And as for my extended silence, you can thank a nasty stomach virus for that. Although I would never wish to repeat this experience, I did learn several life lessons:

1. I should never eat Beefaroni if I feel even slightly nauseated. Or, I should never eat Beefaroni again. Ever.
2. I'm thankful that I married Kevin, because he's really good at taking care of the weak and sickly. He's a great dad and the kids barely noticed I was missing. Plus he is an ordained elder, so if it got really bad he could annoint me with oil or something.
3. I am thankful that I married Kevin, because his mother is a gift from God and always comes to help. She even washes the clothes and dishes while she's at it.
4. Contrary to Katie's overactive imagination, I will NOT die if I skip two meals.

Here is what Kevin did with the kids while I was out of commission:

See you all soon!


amy said...

I so love you and look forward to more posts!

Ok, so this week facebook brought Melanie Layne (remember her from across the road at UU) and learned that Keith Felton along with other UU peeeps are adopting from Africa!

Rock on!

Jenny said...

That is VERY cool!

I ran into Jill Faughn recently (online, of course).

Kara said...

Katie used "honkin' huge" yesterday morning, too! So funny!

roger said...

"Honkin Huge" thats awesome! Where, I say, where did she get that from? That's gotta be Kev's influence.

I'm glad your over your sickness. I think everyone inside your "hoola-hoop" started wondering and raising their eyebrows.

As for me, I hate the Chef stuff. Its not real food for crying out loud. Besides it has processed meat. Its just bad. Bad I say. I should start a blog huh? No, I think I will just raid other's and opt to leave little nuggets of ramblings.