Monday, August 25, 2008

Be careful what you ask for.

For all of you who are amazed at my posting spree, this is what my brain is like. I think of all these things I want to put on here but I have to keep pushing them back because I don't have the time to type them out. Then my brain fills up and just spills over. Okay, so maybe it isn't that dramatic. But one last post for today.

There are five people who live in this house. Four of them use the toilet. But only one of them changes the toilet paper. So it is a good thing that the one person who changes it is vigilant.

However, it seems ironically unfair that although I am that one person, I got stuck on the toilet with no paper last Saturday. Kevin was home. I thought I'd be cute, so I yelled, "FAMILY!!! I need some toilet paper!!!"

Katie went to the other bathroom and brought square. Her generosity is so evident, even at her tender age. (Thankfully, her daddy was behind her with a roll. And he didn't even peek in, although he threatened the camera.)

Now, Owen wipes his own bottom. Katie is too much of a perfectionist. This fact is one of my current pet peeves. So, to be cute, I said, "Katie! Thanks for this toilet paper! Do you want to come wipe my bottom?" She responded with a characteristic "EEEEEWWWWWW!!!! No way!"

From the living room I could hear fast little footsteps, and Owen's helpful cry. "I will, Mommy! I wipe you booty!!!"

I love that boy. He makes me laugh!


amy said...

that post made me laugh! I talked to Jessica Lackey tonight.

Actually that was very visual post!

roger said...

Jenny, jenny, jenny. I do hope you get out more.

Jenny said...

Jessica Lackey? Really? Cool!

Roger, my social life is limited to Aggravation nights with the Hendersons. And Lis is NOT co-operating right now. Something about gestating triplets. EXCUSES. Sigh.

mary grace said...

Nice to "meet" you! Glad I found your blog. :-)

My Goodness said...

That is SO stinkin' funny! Oh my goodness.....