Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pure Blogging Excitement!

I really had to work up the nerve to move this blog out into the open. I'm relieved that it's been so much fun!

This week I had visits from Texas, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Japan, and Bombay!

I've also had a couple of brushes with fame. (If you don't think this is fame, you have to understand that I don't get out much.) I accidently stumbled into an email conversation with Jay Younts, author of Everyday Talk), and now Luke Holzmann of Sonlight just commented on my blog. Of course, Katie wouldn't be impressed unless Justin commented. She thinks he's "Mathtacular!"

So now I have caught up to my friend Teresa, who had to stalk Linda Hobar before she could hang out with her.


momof2boys said...

Stalk is such a 'harsh' word. But it doesn't matter now...Linda and I are the best of friends now!


Ganeida said...

You may add Australia to your list.;)

kel said...

Yup, I felt like I'd met a celebrity when Luke commented on mine too. :) And I'm so glad to have found your blog through him!

If you see somebody from Texas spending forever on your blog and reading all the old posts, it's me.