Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everyday Providence


Yesterday I caught her staring at herself in the bathroom mirror, with her head tilted back. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "Don't move me, Mama. I see my nose hairs and I'm looking at them."


I was making PBJs and Owen was beating Katie up. I told him to stop, but he continued. As I walked over to him, he yelled, "Don't cut me, Mama! Don't cut me, Mama!" (I suppose the spreading knife looked dangerous when combined with the look on my face.)


When she doesn't get her way she crawls away from you and then throws her legs and arms out, landing hard on her stomach. This is accompanied by what I assume is an infant cuss word.

I Knew They'd End Up Killing Each Other

Last night I told the kids to play outside. That lasted five minutes. So I took homemade cookies out to them. Another five minutes. Okay, so strip down to your undies and get in the baby pool. Five minutes. By this point I had to join them outside (with Audrey) because the water requires a bit more supervision than watching from the French doors.

Audrey just crawled around the deck (and up and down the stairs) in her diaper, but Katie and Owen wanted to get in the big pool. I sent Katie in for Owen's float suit and told them to go for it. Then I called Kevin, who had to work late (he got home at 11:20!!!).

Audrey was about ready for bed, so I decided to get everyone out. First I stuck Audrey inside. She smashed her face against the glass and screamed at me. Then I turned my attention towards the pool.

Katie, who can touch the bottom if she submurges herself to her eyes, was not wearing a float suit and had swam over to Owen on the other side of the pool. They were several feet from the edge, and Katie is a beginning swimmer. Owen decided that it would be a good idea to ask Katie to catch him....and so he JUMPED on her. She went under. Then she crawled up his body - and float suit - dunking HIM under. They began to take turns pushing each other down. I was still on the phone, yelling for Katie to turn Owen loose and swim to the side, but they were both too panicked. So I said to Kevin, "They are drowning each other, got to go." Click. Then I jumped in with all my clothes on.

Of course everyone was fine. Audrey was still howling at the door (naked at this point). WHAT A NIGHT!


Kara said...

You know, maybe if you didn't cut your children on a regular basis, Owen wouldn't be so concerned about the possibility. Just sayin.

I totally stole Camille and Grace Church from your blog roll for mine.


Camille said...

Your notes are like sunshine - I always read them with a smile and a chuckle!

amy said...

Im so glad I get to read Hinton stories. Cant believe I have missed all of this

roger said...

After reading Kara's comment I saw a red toddlers sized shirt on the net that read "they shake me" in black letters. Aweful I say, just plain aweful.

After reading Jenny's notes of her trials and tribulations of child rearing I think back to those childhood days of watching the Three Stooges. I could sit and watch them for hours.

May God give you patience, understanding, and more funny stuff to make me smile and chuckle.