Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eight to Ten Working Days

That's how long I'll be without my computer. So if any of you want to reach me, you have my digits. Of course, I don't answer during school hours. I would tell you all what school hours are, but they seem to vary. Take today, for example. School started at 11:00, after I mopped up about eight ounces of orange juice. For the record, orange juice has a high sugar content and is quite sticky as it dries.

So, if you have just finished pouring milk over four bowls of Frosted Mini Wheats and you hear a splash, and you have to decide to eat cruchy cereal in a puddle of orange juice or soggy cereal in a clean kitchen, you might want to second guess yourself. Or even be willing to throw the soggy cereal out and get some fresh (usually unthinkable). Because the effort to get dried OJ up will not be worth your time. Trust me.

Of course, I should be grateful it was only orange juice. Yesterday the bathroom was covered in poop while Katie and I were engrossed in the Industrial Revolution.

You know, the ironic thing is I just had an article published in a mothering magazine - an article on keeping toddlers occupied while homeschooling. Physician, heal thyself!

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