Thursday, November 10, 2005

Everyday Providence

Owen is eating food now. On Monday (his four-month birthday) he nursed at 7:30 and then started screaming and putting his fist in his mouth at 10:00. I nursed him again. He drank everything I had and wanted MORE! So I scoured the cabinets and found some baby food that Mom Hinton had bought for his trick-or-treat bag (she can't treat grandkids differently so she had to buy him SOMETHING! LOL!). Owen LOVED the bananas. The next night he had peaches. On Wednesday I finally got groceries and that night he had oatmeal. I think that was his favorite. Now he is sitting in his high-chair and talking baby babble. He is SO cute! He has been sitting there for almost an hour, watching Katie play with some new play doh I bought and watching me clean up around here and get ready for lessons. MUCH more content now. And sleeping better, too. That boy was HUNGRY!

Katie is feeling better. She only threw up once. Now she just has cold symptoms. She is excited to go to Grandma's house today.

I think everyone is sick. The Quicks, Hughes, Crenshaws, Will Hefner, Katie, and the Mays all have this bug. I had half my voice students cancel today. And only five people showed up for church last night!

I got groceries by myself last night while Kevin watched the kids. It was wonderful! I am even considering getting up around 6:00 once a week to get them before Kevin leaves for work. It was much easier this way.

Kevin is the most wonderful husband EVER. I lost my CD that went with my Christmas book for voice lessons, so he drove to Amro for me on his lunch break yesterday to save me a trip to Memphis. Then he even made copies of the songs I needed because the church copier is broken! Then he came home and babysat. What a man!

That's all I have time for. I hope to write a little more tomorrow when I have more time.

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