Sunday, October 23, 2005

Everyday Providence

Busy weekend. I kept Ana and Marcus on Friday night so that Andy and Lena could go see "My Fair Lady." Ironically, Katie was spending the night with Grandma. We had fun, though. Ana and I played beauty parlor, then Marcus and I played Battleship and Uno.

Saturday was the yard sale at Mom's house. It was pretty lame. No one came. I think we made maybe 30 bucks. And because I had stayed up late and then gotten up early (with a 3:00 snack, thankyouverymuchMr.Owen) I was just exhausted. I had to hype myself up on coffee for Sunday morning service. But that was okay, because Betty plays fast! We made quite the team, lol!

And David Kemper did a super job for offertory. He has been hiding his light under a bushel for too long, but no more. Kerry outed him!

Katie still doesn't seem to be herself. (shrug)

Owen is fat and happy.

Kevin is, well, he is playing Playstation. HA!

And now I need to finish Katie's wall decals so that I can beautify her room. I'll post pics when I finish.

Andy and Lena are coming to church tonight. I hope they enjoy it. We have great discussion on Sunday nights and right now we are in 1 John. Conviction city. Loving the unlovable. UGH. Oh well, what can you do? Confess, repent, and ask God to change your heart, I guess.

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