Thursday, May 12, 2005

Everyday Providence

I was 144 at the OB office today. Slow and steady weight gain is cool by me. My back is feeling better today, which is surprising, since I have driven over 200 miles since Monday.

Yesterday went fine. Southaven is actually farther than Germantown, but the drive is a lot quicker because there are hardly any traffic lights. Dad had his appointment and then they did a PT session, so we ended up staying a while. Katie didn't get a nap (except for a few minutes in the car) but was still a real angel.

Today she was pretty fussy, though. I went really easy on her because I figured she was tired and crabby from all the driving and waiting rooms, etc. My OB visit was uneventful. It seems like a huge waste of time to go every two weeks just so they can weigh you and measure your belly. But I got to have lunch with Lee Anne, so it was worth the (even MORE!) driving.

Now I have been totally wasting time on the computer all afternoon.

I had to make some phone calls yesterday about my aunt who just found out she is dying of cancer (it is all in her bones and lymph nodes). Oh, that makes me SO sad. I haven't been in touch with her much in the past few years because of family politics, but I had many a fun time at her house growing up.

That is it. I didn't get housework done yet because yesterday my brother dropped by for me to see his new vehicle. I should get off of here and do it. But I think Kevin is going to play basketball tonight, so I have all night.

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