Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy-Good Savings for July 1-7, 2009

Here are my top-favorite buys for Kroger this week. Coupons (loadable and printable) can be obtained from the links in the right margin of this blog, or from your Sunday paper. If you are using Shortcuts or P&G for the first time, you will need to register your Kroger Plus card. Kroger in Atoka will take both loadable and paper coupons for the same item!

Aussie Hair Product - $2 off from P&G Loadable

Pantene Hair Product (Restoratives or Expressions) - $1 off P&G Loadable + $1 off 6/28 RedPlum (newspaper)

Pringles - $.50 off P&G Loadable + $1 off 6/28 RedPlum (GET TWO)

General Mills Cereal - on sale for $2.19; $.55 off Shortcuts Loadable (Lucky Charms); $.55 off Kroger Printable (Banana Nut Cheerios); $.55 off Kroger Printable (Cheerios); $.75 off Kroger Printable (MultiGrain Cheerios)

Yo Plus Yogurt 4 pk. - $1.00 off Shortcuts Loadable; $1.00 off 6/7 SmartSource (newspaper)

French's Mustard - $1 off 6/21 SmartSource

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip - $.75 off 6/21 SmartSource

Nabisco Snack Crackers - 5/17 SmartSource (coupon is for buy Ritz, get Wheat Thins free)

Goldfish Crackers - on sale for $1

Northwest Cherries (fresh) - on sale for $2 lb.


Next time I'll probably wait until I get done shopping to post the best buys. Here are some comments after purchasing most of the above....

Aussie Shampoo was $3.49, so I got it for $1.49.

Pantene Shampoo was over $5 so I didn't bother.

I paid $.50 each for the cans of Pringles.

Cereals - Lucky Charms was $1.64; Cherrios and Banana Nut Cherrios were $1.09 each; MultiGrain Cheerios was $1.44.

Yo Plus Yogurt was $.59.

Decided to get French's Honey Mustard for the same bargain - $.49.

Didn't get the Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip because I didn't need mayo and the coupon was for mayo only. (Miracle Whip, I'll catch you for a good price yet!)

Nabisco Snack Crackers - this was an especially good buy. The Ritz Crackers were just under $2 and the Wheat Thins were FREE.

Goldfish Crack, I mean, Crackers, are eaten in vast amounts at Casa Hinton, so I got five bags. They may last the week.

And Kevin has already thanked me profusely for his favorite, Northwest Cherries.

I got a couple of other fantastic bargains - Dr. Seuss toothbrushes for the kids (by Oral B) were $1 each, marked down from $3 each. I also had a BOGO coupon for Reach Adult Toothbrushes, which were on sale for $1.99 each.

Clearasil face cleansers were on clearance and I had a coupon for $2 off, so I got some face wash for $1.84.

Aaaaaand there you have it.

Percentage saved: 39%

$$ Saved: $88.28

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