Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adventures in Homemaking

Who says it's boring to be a stay-at-home mom? Where else can you see...

...a boy sleeping in his pillowcase?

...exploded potatoes (on July 4th, no less; I thought the neighbors had some incredible fireworks!)?

...a for-real shiner (he lost a fight with the side of the swimming pool)?

...a MATER cake (Happy Birthday, my big 4-year-old!)? making homemade ice-cream, and...

...eating it?

...homemade yogurt dripping whey over a sink (looks nasty but it tasted great)?

...a yogurt-eating dinosaur?

And now for a couple of pics from the Navy Lake fireworks show. Audrey and "Grandma #3," Ms. Teri:

Daddy and Audie

Daddy and Katie


amy said...

Kevin looks like such a happy dad

Jeff said...

Thankfully we can see the Navy Lakes fireworks from Val's parents' backyard. Not that we made it that late after the cookout, I mean, what with my pregnant wife getting pooped by 7 every night.

So what's with the yogurt hanging over the sink?

Jenny said...

Amy, Kevin is a wonderful dad. Our kids are blessed!

Jeff....DID YOU SEE THE MATER CAKE?!?! HAVE YOU WATCHED CARS YET? Am I going to have to buy Cooper a DVD? Don't think that I won't.

The yogurt is super easy (you make it in the crock-pot) and very frugal (it only takes milk and some starter, which can be your previous batch, or if you are starting out, some organic plain yogurt from the store). But it is rather runny unless you let the whey drain off. This was the easiest way to accomplish that. Looks gross, tastes AWESOME. We blended some the next morning with bananas, vanilla extract, and a bit of ice and milk. So good!

Jeff said...

No, no "Cars" yet. Heck, I just got Val to watch "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" with me this weekend! Boy was she surprised when she found out that my blog name is an Eeyore quote!

Jenny said...

I love your Eeyore quote.

Cooper is SO gonna love Cars. :-)

Michelle Howard said...

Save your whey! It's very nutritious and useful. Check on Well Tell Me for it's many uses. You can just use it in place of water for cooking, for added nutrition if you don't want to get adventurous.

Jenny said...

Michelle, I just couldn't bring myself to keep it. It looked too nasty. Baby steps, right? LOL!

Michelle Howard said...

:) steps.