Saturday, March 14, 2009

Escape from Appleberry

The night Audrey was born, Kevin and I watched "Escape from Alcatraz." This is proving to be a theme in Audrey's life. Previously, I assumed that Owen's dangerous antics would be the death of me. But Audrey is definitely in the running.

Yesterday afternoon I was busy cooking dinner for my family plus our new pastor, who is in town this weekend. Everything was (mostly) under control; after a quick peek at the kids, I made a quick trip to the bathroom. All three of my children were glued to Looney Tunes when I left, but when I returned less than three minutes later, Audrey was gone. I walked through the house calling her but didn't find her. Katie and Owen had no idea where she was. At this point I wasn't too worried because the doors were locked...and there was no way she could go out the window. COULD SHE?!?!

Panic started rising as I ran to the living room. A previous tear in the window screen was now a huge HOLE, but I kept thinking 1)it would be crazy-hard for her to climb up and out, and 2)if she did, she'd just be in the sandbox. I didn't see her through the window, though, so I flew out the carport door.

The Scene of the "Crime"

My next-door-neighbor was walking up my driveway with Audrey. She had seen her...standing in the road. Appleberry is a through-street and is fairly busy. We also have problems with people speeding and hot-rodding in front of our house. God was so gracious to watch over my sweet girl. She had apparently walked barefoot down our driveway, down the road, and then stood at the end of our neighbor's driveway until she was spotted. Although I was only in the bathroom for a couple of minutes, I had spent a few more searching the house, so I am not sure how long she was actually in the road. But do I know that it was long enough for her life to be in jeapordy, and I know that God protected her.

Owen found a huge square of screen in the floor. What a Houdini!!!


Mary said...

Jenny, I rejoice with you that God indeed protected Audrey. That's the worst feeling of panic in the world. Bless her heart - she has a mind of her own! God is good!

rthling said...

I'm so glad she is okay!

RPC Blog Editor said...

Psalm 91:11 comes to mind.


Mylissa said...

Oh Jenny, I am so sorry - I haven't had this exact thing happen but enough close calls to know the FEAR that courses through you as a mom. So thankful for sweet neighbors and God's mercy! We too lived on a REALLY busy through street in FL and scared the daylights out of me.