Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Girl Talk

I usually do not lack for funny stories about Owen. He is a fountain of perpetual amusement. He did say something funny a couple of days ago but I didn't write it down and it just flew out of my head. So tonight I'll just have some "girl talk."

Our homeschool group had a Presidential Hall of Fame and Election Day. My job was to make ballots. And like a good citizen, I made sure that our ballots listed any candidate who made the national ticket. I showed my finished results to Katie:

"Look, here are all the people running for president. Tomorrow you will get to decide who you think should lead us and cast your vote. Do you know who you would like to vote for?"

"I'm voting for Bob Barr because he has two B names."

"Um, okay. Bob Barr is the Libertarian candidate. Do you want to know what he believes?"

"No, I just like his two B's."

True to form, when Katie went in to vote she did not even let Teresa finish explaining before she had made a big "X" for Bob.

For several weeks, Katie has been ending many of her sentences with "....that is." Today she was telling me about something and said, "...and it was red. Red like a rose, that is. Mama? Why do some people say, 'that is' all the time?" I don't know, girl. You tell me!

One last Katie story. I am not sure what to do with this because it is really weird. Katie "sees" different keys (music) as colors. She told Kevin that he was playing a song in yellow and that she wanted it in red. Kevin and I rolled our eyes at each other...until she was turned away from the guitar and could fairly accurately tell us which "color" Kevin was playing. (If anyone has heard of this, I'd like to hear about it!)

And finally, Audrey. She just roams around the house all day, seeking what she may destroy. She pulls clothes from drawers, dishes from cabinets, books from shelves - all in a matter of ten minutes!

Today she was SO funny. During breakfast we go over the catechism. Katie is on a question somewhere in the 60's. Owen is closing in on 20. Audrey? Well, she knows the first one! If you ask her, "Audrey, who made you?" she answers, "Gaaaaah!" This morning I pushed it a bit further. "Audrey, what else did God make?" Her answer? She looked very serious, straight into my eyes, and said, "Grablah plamba blab." I went on to the next question and she responded straightfaced with more gibberish. Katie and Owen were laughing so hard! Here is a picture of Audrey with a bad hair day. (I suppose I need to do something about her mullet sometime, huh?)


Kara said...

And THIS is why children don't vote! (Although Katie's reasoning behind her choice of candidate is better than some I've heard!)

Shana said...

Sounds like synesthesia!!!

Jenny said...

SHANA! It is great to "see" you. I looked over your Facebook page and was happy to catch up on what you are doing. Feel free to stop by any time!

Oh, and yes, isn't that WEIRD? My sister called me last night just before I got on here and saw your post. Apparently the band director at Munford High has this. No wonder the girl likes to sing and draw!

Of course, I am not big on testing and labels for the sake of testing and labels. But still glad I am aware of it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just ran across your blogg and happen to know that this condition is called synesthesia. It is a blending of the senses in the mind. There are many forms such as (but not limited to) tasting textures, seeing tastes as colors or like your daughter, seeing music as colors. Many musicians have this form of synesthesia. Many people also have more than one form of this condition. Its not harmful but it is interesting and may be worth looking into.

Jenny said...

Thank you,anonymous!